Home Insurance Rates: 3 Ways To Save That You May Not Have Considered


Just about everyone is looking to save a buck here and a buck there. The more money than can be saved on everyday things, the more it seems like you can actually survive the economic disaster that you live in. So, if you're looking to save money, you may want to consider trying to do so with your homeowner's insurance. Here are a few ways to reduce your premiums that you may not have thought of:

Quit Your Smoking Habit.

Did you know that smoking is a primary culprit in 20,000 or more residential fires every single year in the United States? Therefore, if you smoke, you can expect a higher insurance rate. This is because your home is at greater risk of catching fire, which would require you to file a homeowner's insurance claim. So, by stopping smoking, you may be able to reduce your home insurance premium. Once you've kicked the habit, make sure to contact your insurer and let them know so that you can possibly enjoy the lower premiums as soon as possible. In addition, you'll save money by not purchasing cigarettes.

Start Paying Annually or Bi-Annually.

Depending on the term of your home insurance premium, which is likely six or 12 months, you should consider paying for it in full rather than each month. While this does require a hefty lump sum payment, it can help you save a fair amount of money. Speak to your insurance agent about just how much of a discount paying in full at the start of the term will get you. With income tax refunds coming in, now may be as good of a time as ever to pay your premium in full.

Get Sophisticated with Home Security.

The Insurance Information Institute  says that you can potentially save at least five percent for having smoke detectors, dead bolts and a burglar alarm on your home. However, you can save even more (15 to 20 percent) by adding a modern, up-to-the-minute alarm system that automatically notifies all necessary personnel (fire, medical and police) when an intrusion has occurred. Before purchasing one of these systems and having it installed, contact your insurance company, like Paris V Mastroddi, Inc, to see if they have any certain requirements regarding the system. Some insurers may require certain brands, while other companies may require that certain components be part of the system. The last thing you want is to spend the money on a high-tech alarm monitoring system for your home to save money on your homeowner's insurance and not get the discount.


9 February 2016

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