Temporary Auto Insurance Coverage: 3 Things To Know


Did you know that some insurance companies sell temporary auto insurance coverage plans? While most people never need plans like this, there are times when some people do. If you have a need for a temporary plan, here are several important things you should know about temporary auto insurance coverage plans.

Reasons people need temporary policies

There are not a lot of reasons people would want to purchase a temporary auto insurance policy, but there are a few. One reason is for a time when a person is renting a car. While the person could purchase coverage through the rental car dealer, the person may feel better having his or her own policy. Additionally, the rental car company might require that the person has coverage through his or her own policy.

Secondly, if you have a car that you are storing and do not use often, you might decide you would like to drive it around for a week or a month, and you could purchase a temporary policy in this situation to get the coverage you need. There are also times when emergencies occur, and a person might need to drive a car that does not have any coverage.

How to get a temporary policy if you need one

If you believe that you need temporary auto insurance coverage, you should contact an insurance company. If the company provides temporary coverage, they will ask you a lot of different questions in order to calculate a quote for you. If you have trouble finding a company that offers temporary policies, you could always purchase a traditional type of policy and cancel it when you no longer need it.

When to get a non-owner policy instead

It's also important to know that there is a type of coverage known as non-owner car insurance, and there are times when this might be a better option than a temporary policy. For example, if you wrecked your car and are waiting several months to buy a new car, you should consider getting a non-owner policy. This policy would offer you protection if you borrowed someone else's car, or if you rented a car. It would also allow you to pay less for coverage during the time you do not own a car, yet you could avoid allowing your car insurance to lapse. A lapse in car insurance is often viewed negatively by insurance companies and can result in paying higher rates when you get an insurance policy again.

If you have any type of unusual need for auto insurance, such as short-term coverage, contact an auto insurance company such as Phillip R Davis Insurance to discuss your needs with an agent.


21 November 2018

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